Reimagine Online Weddings

Celebrate life’s cherished moments with your loved ones — wherever they are.

A better way to share your life's cherished events in real time.

Sharing joyful moments with your loved ones shouldn't come with limits. LumaLive is a simple yet powerful platform that lets you host an online event using highest-quality video and audio, while offering your guests an immersive, intimate experience they'll love

A Better Way To Celebrate Online


Best audio & video

Capture and share the event from multiple angles, using the highest-quality audio and video possible.


Quick & simple

Create and book your event in minutes. Guests join with one click — no need to download an app.


Private & secure

With enhanced security and privacy, you can rest assured that your special day will run smoothly.

Deliver an
immersive event

Set up multiple devices to capture the event from multiple angles. We'll make sure your cameras are prioritized so you deliver the highest quality audio and video possible.

  • Customizable designs to fit your taste
  • HD video recorded automatically (with backup in case your connection drops)
  • Ad-free experience

Let your guests join with one click

To join your event, your guests simply click on a link that's emailed to them. No need to download an app, install software, or sign up for an account. Perfect for guests who aren't tech-savvy.

Enjoy enhanced security & privacy

LumaLive keeps your event completely private and secure. Each guest will get a unique link, and they can only access the event using the email you registered them with. It's two layers of security you won't get with most online meeting apps.

Party together

Get the most out of gathering with your loved ones with features purposely built for wedding events:

  • Set up virtual "tables" where your friends and family can engage in conversations.
  • Join your guests at their tables so you can personally greet them.
  • See, hear, and enjoy your guests' reactions during your event (virtual hearts included).

Why LumaLive?

With LumaLive, you get the comprehensive set of features you need to host a great online event. No more compromises and workarounds — enjoy your special day without limits.
LumaLive Live streaming
Video conferencing
See and hear remote guests
Enjoy seeing and hearing your friends and family throughout your event.
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Set up multiple sources as backup
Your guests can continue watching your event even if one cameras loses internet connection.
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Choose what your guests see with no ads or other company branding.
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Custom event themes
Customize your the event that your guests see to fit your taste.
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High bit rate for superior audio
Let your guests hear your event at better than cd quality high fidelity audio.
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Prioritize main cameras for high quality
Guests receive video of cameras at the event at much higher resolution and quality
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HD Recording of your event
Use our LumaLive camera iOS app and it'll record your event in HD even if your internet connection drops.
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Join event without app download
Make it easy for your guests to join your event without any additional steps.
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Enhanced security and privacy
Only guests your invite can attend your event through a unique link.
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About Us

LumaLive is made by the leading software maker in the event photography and video industry. We are the creators of dslrBooth and LumaBooth, the leading photo booth apps for event professionals. We have been in business since 2012 and our focus is 100% on helping you enjoy life's special moments.

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