Correctly setting the scene for your online wedding can make all the difference in how you appear to your guests. Having a clear, quiet area will allow for both excellent video and audio. Below are a few steps to take to ensure your event goes off without a hitch!


Remove any distracting objects from both the background and foreground. The focus should be on you, not objects surrounding you. Things to look out for and remove are posters, tools, art supplies, toys, etc.

Light it

Sit in front of a solid color wall to have the best visual results. Do not stand with a window or bright light directly behind you as this will lead to poor results on camera. A light facing towards you that illuminates your face will allow your guests to see you clearly.

Sound on

Set up in a quiet area so that your microphone does not pick up on surrounding noise as this can be distracting. Mute nearby cameras to avoid the echo effect. Be close to your microphone and if possible use an external microphone as close to the speaker as possible.

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