Streaming sites such as Facebook Live and Youtube Live are popular solutions for streaming live events. However these services have shortcomings and are inadequate for special occasions such as online weddings.

Live Streaming platforms only allow presenters to be seen and heard. Viewers are limited to a chat option. It is hard to imagine an event such as a wedding that is a social event by nature where the bride and groom cannot see their loved ones who are joining their event remotely. With LumaLive, you can see and hear your guests as well as get their emoji reactions in real-time as well as on-screen chat messages beautifully presented.

With streaming platforms, you are limited to a single video source, if the connection drops for any reason, your device stops working or the app crashes, the broadcast ends and your guests are left upset that they missed your event. Unfortunately, there are no do-overs with special events such as weddings. With LumaLive, you can set up 3 different cameras using three different devices. If your primary camera happens to drop, your second camera will take over seamlessly and your guests experience is not interrupted. As an added bonus, your guests can choose their preferred view at any time to see your event from the angle they want.

With Youtube and Facebook Live, be very careful what music you play during your event. If you play any copyrighted or recorded music, your stream will be flagged as infringing copyrights and they might shut down your stream. There is no such limitation with LumaLive.

These streaming platforms make money by showing ads so throughout your special event, your guests are distracted by ads, brand logos, and other irrelevant links alongside your event video. LumaLive has zero distractions during your event with no logos, ads, or graphics that you did not choose to add.

Streaming platforms are not meant for private events. Anyone is able to join you live event, watch it, and leave comments on it. In contrast, LumaLive keeps your event completely private and secure. Each guest will get a unique link, and they can only access the event using the email you registered them with. It's two layers of security you won't get with streaming apps.

LumaLive was purpose-built for special events such as wedding to address these shortcomings of using streaming services.

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