Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype and House Party allow for multiple people to video chat. These apps were built for voice chat and business meetings. Unfortunately, these apps are not ideal for important life events such as online weddings. Since most often these are free solutions, they are riddled with poor video and audio as a cost savings measure by the app makers.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is for video conferencing apps is optimized for speech so as far as they are concerned as long as you can understand what the speaker is saying, they have done their job. Most often people’s voices sound like you’re hearing them through an old phone or AM radio station. Additionally, to appear to the largest group of people, background noise cancellation, echo cancellation, and other modifications are made to the audio of each speaker that the voice you hear ends up being very different from someone’s natural voice. Don’t even think of sending music over one of these services as it will sound much worse than speech. Before we built LumaLive, we did extensive testing with Zoom, Skype, WebEx, Google Meet to test their audio quality and we were very disappointed. Don’t believe us? Play some music through a computer and listen to it from another computer. You’ll surely be disappointed. In contrast, LumaLive uses the latest audio codecs at a very high bitrate to give you better than CD quality audio that’s good enough to play your favorite music and not hear any difference. And yes, voices sound crystal clear (provided you use a decent microphone).

Video Quality

The video quality with these apps is also relatively low most often below the resolution of old television sets that used Standard Definition. For them the goal is to send a passable video image that most of the time will just fit in a small box on your screen. Additionally, these apps don’t allow for certain cameras to have better quality over others (such as the bride and groom’s cameras). On a special day like your wedding where you want your guests to really see you, a high quality video is necessary. With LumaLive you get both great video and audio quality. Video is sent in HD quality that can be easily hooked up to a large TV screen for your guests to enjoy. Video from the event is prioritized higher than video from other guests because let’s face it, on the wedding day, your third cousin twice-removed does not need to be seen as well as you. This priority does not only apply to resolution but also to bitrate, framerate, cpu processing, rendering, and other factors that are part of our patent-pending solution.

Additionally, your cameras are also recorded at full resolution and recordings can be used to edit at a later date. Each of the main cameras separately records the event so that you have multiple angles.

App Install Requirements

To use Zoom, Skype, WebEx and other similar applications, an app must be installed to the device you are using which can hinder many guests from joining your event easily. Unfortunately these apps also come with liability due to them not being secure. Anyone can join your meeting so long as they have the link to the meeting. Lumalive limits who can access your event. Your event is secure and private, with guests only being able to connect to the event if they have both received an invitation and use the email that was sent in the invitation. Guests simply click on the link, add their name and email address and they are now enjoying your live event with you.

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