Here are some of the common questions we receive regarding LumaLive.

Is it legal to have a virtual wedding?

In some states, including New York, New Jersey, California, Ohio and Washington D.C., virtual weddings where the officiant is remote are legal. In other states it is noted that the officiant and two witnesses must be present at the time of the wedding (similar to courthouse weddings). With Coronavirus more states are looking to follow in the footsteps and allow for virtual weddings so long as the officiant is present either virtually or in person. Check with your local city clerk to confirm and obtain a marriage license.

How many guests can join?

Each event allows for 3 main cameras and 46 guests. The main camera is typically the bride and groom with the other cameras being the officiant, bridal party or family.

Does the officiant need to be present physically?

In states other than NY, NJ, CA, OH and Washington, D.C., an officiant must be present with the bride and groom, in person. In those states, check with your local city clerk. For countries outside of the U.S., please check your country’s laws.

What equipment is needed to use LumaLive?

To use LumaLive you will need a camera (either webcam or Canon DSLR), a microphone (either built in or external) and computer. Event organizers can use our included iOS app to broadcast and record the event in HD.

How long can my event be?

Up to 3 hours long. Before your event starts you can demo your event to make sure everything looks how you envisioned it.

How do I invite guests?

Once you have created your event and booked it, you can add your guests’ email addresses to the list. Only guests who are on the list can enter your event. You can then copy the link or invitation text and send it to your guests any way you wish (usually email).

Do you provide rental equipment?

We do not provide rental equipment to use LumaLive but are working on putting together a vendor directory.

Can this be used for events other than weddings?

LumaLive was built with weddings and other high profile personal events. Feel free to use LumaLive for any special event you have..

How is LumaLive better than Zoom?

Check out our article Don’t Youtube Live or Facebook Live your Virtual Wedding.

How is LumaLive better than youtube of Facebook Live?

Check out our article Why Not Use Video Conference Apps Like Zoom for your Wedding.

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