LumaLive for Vendors

LumaLive is the perfect online platform for hosting your customers' online weddings. It allows remote guests a seamless experience in sharing in the live event. The main goals of the platform are:

  1. Offer a fully branded event page with no distractions. The guest url is also white-labeled.
  2. Provide superior video and audio quality from the main event so remote guests can feel immersed.
  3. Allow event attendees and remote guests to socialize split up in smaller groups similar to real events.

LumaLive was purpose-built for weddings and is currently patent pending. Now you can offer professional online events to your customers.

What you can offer

As an established vendor, you already have the experience, equipment and staff to run online events.

You can offer the following services to your customers:


  • Ensure the live event runs smoothly, troubleshoot any issues, and answer questions from guests.
  • Customize the event template, background, fonts, colors.
  • During the event, select the primary cameras and guests as needed.
  • Play slideshows/videos at certain points of the event.
  • Provide raw and final video of the event.
  • Run a rehearsal before the event to test the camera and audio.
  • Provide live or recorded music for intro and first dance.

On Location

You can rent the following equipment:

Capture/Record the event in HD using:

  • DSLR Cameras connected to the computer with the EOS Webcam Utility.
  • iPhone/iPad using our LumaLive Camera app for iOS.
  • Webcam connected to laptop.


  • Lighting for main event participants to improve video quality.
  • Microphone(s) for officiant and main event for improved audio.
  • Setup a nice background behind the couple. Add additional decor as needed.
  • Large TV/Screen showing the remote guests so they are easily viewable at the main event.

Next Steps

Working with LumaLive, you can offer your existing customers a professional and elegant online event solution they can use for the times when a physical event is not possible. Schedule a demo with a member of our team. We will run you through the features and answer your questions.

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