Celebrate your next online event with your loved ones on LumaLive. LumaLive is the best way to celebrate online while delivering an immersive event for your guests. Every event includes:

  • 3 hours that can be used for both your rehearsal and main event.
  • Use 3 main cameras in HD video and audio.
  • Unique patent-pending features to see, hear, and get reactions from your guests
  • Break-out tables to have small group discussions with your guests following your ceremony
  • Join with up-to 50 participants.
  • Setting up your invite list
  • E-mail and chat support.
  • Use our iOS Camera app to record and broadcast your event in HD.
  • Optionally use DSLRs cameras or webcams to broadcast your event.
  • Recordings of every camera and guest during your ceremony.

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